Why Puppy Mills Must Be Stopped

It is not at all easy to take a look at a clean, cute and healthy puppy and imagine that it has come from a puppy mill. But unfortunately this is genuine and several stores sell puppies that have come from these very puppy mills.

Puppy mills are run by people who breed dogs for profit. Now, there’s nothing wrong with making money or even making a profit. The problem with these people is that they are beyond irresponsible and are cruel and negligent to these animals. Their greed is so intense that they will have anywhere from several dozens to hundreds of dogs and the health and welfare of the dogs is not just compromised, it’s completely disregarded. From the first time a dog can get pregnant (as early as six months of age), she is bred to have puppies. Depending on the breed each female dog could have 2-4 litters every year. It’s not healthy for them to do so, but these irresponsible millers will make every effort to capitalize on every breeding opportunity. When they can no longer breed they are put to death; usually with a hammer to the head because euthanasia through a Veterinarian costs money.

What you need to take care about when trying to get your puppy, is not to just look out for pet stores which might be getting their dogs from puppy mills, but also for unscrupulous operators such as sellers on the Internet, or people selling puppies through classifieds and even one on one personal sale.

Wait for a second though, doesn’t that mean that you should look out for the best transaction that you could have? After all, there are only a few limited number of ways by which you can buy a puppy for yourself, and in case you are not a breeder yourself then the number of ways of getting a puppy are limited to the ones that have been mentioned above.

What needs to look at is not the overall scenario but cases as individual units. If a thorough check is conducted on the place from where you are adopting your pet, be it a puppy breeder, a pet store, an internet based seller or breeder, or even an advertisement from a classified newspaper, you can be completely sure that you are not at all getting your puppy from a puppy mill.

This is one of the most important things that you can do to stop these mills from cropping up and flourishing. Many people would tell you that if you are getting your puppy from a pet store or a breeder, then you are helping the mills thrive. This is certainly not the case in real life.

Many of the pet stores that around do not have any connections to puppy mills, and there are so many puppy breeders who are far removed from puppy mills and are running reputed and respected puppy breeding establishments. Many of these operations are indeed certified to be completely genuine, and a little bit of research and scouting on your part can help you to get a puppy from one of these reputed places.

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