Why You Should Adopt A Shelter Pet

After careful consideration, along with weighing pros and cons, and several discussions you finally decide to adopt a pet, or maybe it’s simply a spur of the moment affair. Either way, pet adoption can be a rewarding experience. The love you give to a pet will be given by to you dozens of times over. When deciding to adopt it’s important to consider shelter pets. There are a variety of reasons to adopt a pet from a shelter rather that buying one from a store.

For one, adopting a pet will cost you less. When you adopt a pet from a shelter the cost of spaying or neutering, first vaccinations, and often times microchipping is included in the adoption fee. Depending on the shelter you could save hundreds of dollars up front. For a more concrete example, to neuter a cat at the vet usually costs somewhere between 200 to 300 dollars. Now that’s savings! Best of all, many of the pets in shelters have already been housetrained for you meaning they’re less likely to leave a mess in your house.

Speaking of saving things, you’ll be saving the life of the pet you adopt. Over 2.7 million cats and dogs that are completely adoptable with no behavior or social problems are euthanized every year in the United States. There are simply too many pets and not enough people that consider adoption. However, if everyone that bought a pet from a store adopted instead then that number would drop dramatically. Plus, you won’t just be saving the life of your newly-adopted pet, but you’ll also be improving the life of the animal that takes its place, especially if you adopt from a no-kill shelter.

Another reason to adopt is a reason not to buy. Most pets that are sold in stores come from puppy mills. These places put profit before the needs of the animals. Puppy mills keep their animals in horrendous conditions and make their money by selling the animals they breed to national chain pet stores. It’s not just dogs that come from puppy mills. Cats, rabbits, even hamsters all have their counterparts as well. The only way to stop puppy mills is to stop giving them money which is why adoption is such a better choice.

You may also want to talk a veterinarian in your area to see what their thoughts are on local adoption facilities. Since they see many of pets they get adopted from shelters come through their doors they may have a good idea about which facility is best. Try using a service such as vetfinder to look for veterinarians in your area.

So if you’ve decided to buy a pet, make sure you adopt from a shelter. You’ll be getting a great pet, and there are plenty of online search engines that specialize in finding the perfect pet near you. This makes it incredibly easy to change the life of an animal in need.

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